Running to work

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This weekend we are visiting friends in Swindon, so even though I will run both days, I won’t fit in a long run. So I decided to run the eight miles into work this morning.

I find early morning running tough. If I do much more than 5 miles, I need to eat beforehand. If I eat, I need to give myself time before I hit the road. So this means getting up early.

Early Start

First things first….


I use the OMM Ultra 12 Running Backpack, which is great. It doesn’t bounce (at all!) and fits in all my essentials.

The Running Bag

Fortunately this morning it was lovely and sunny. I run down quieter roads and even a couple of off-road paths, so it’s actually a pretty nice route.

Cherry Blossom

Wimbledon Back Roads

Off Road

I started out listening to The Economist, and about halfway switched to music. It feels great getting a proper run in before the day has really begun.


Job done!
Job done!

And here’s my reward….

Iced coffee!

Iced coffee!

Happy Friday everyone!

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