Saturday long run and new hair

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I have new hair!

Well, it’s not *that* new – you’d be forgiven for seeing absolutely no difference from before. (In fact, when did I last post a photo of myself when I wasn’t in running kit, hair pinned back?!).


The most noticeable difference is that my fringe is shorter. I love it and may go even shorter next time! (Although I do acknowledge that there is such a thing as too short):


My hair does now does this odd thing when tied back. It’s just that one bit which is about an inch longer than the rest (which is entirely uniform). It either cannot be seen when my hair is down, or it’s at the back and everyone is too polite to tell me.


This morning, I made an effort to drink a pint of water early on (drinking right before a run kills me) as it looked hot out. I took a bottle with me on my run too and although wasn’t quite like yesterday, in the sun it was pretty hot, and I was glad to have it.

I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to run, but decided to stick to the cycle path and to head East towards Bath.

There was quite the party happening down by the main station on the Avon Valley Railway, with people being dropped off by this old timer:


There weren’t any steam trains in action though, only a diesel. I didn’t bother to stop to take a photo as we all know diesel trains are mean:



Quite a large chunk of this path had been resurfaced since I last ran down here, which was good for runners, great for cyclists and superb for kids on scooters or roller skates. It amazing the difference running on a smooth even surface makes.


A lovely day for some paddle-boarding (I guess):



This route very quickly takes you out into the countryside. As is the case for many weekends away, we’re eating and drinking quite a bit, and my legs felt good, so I decided to keep running, to make this into a “long run” (double digits).

After I’d taken the photo of the paddle-boarders, a man ran past and although he was running faster than me, he only gained about 50m over the course of the next two or three miles. He made for a good pacing partner, and I followed him until just gone 5 miles, when I decided to turn around.

His t-shirt said “run at a chatting pace; run easy” – but we didn’t talk.

This bridge offered the perfect turning spot (running round the central reservation)



I took a quick photo, and messaged Matthew so he wouldn’t be worried (on the off-chance it occurred to him that I’m normally back after 45 minutes or so, and today took almost twice as long).


It really was a gorgeous day, and the path was fully of walkers, runners and cyclists.

It’s such a great resource to have:


10 miles @ 8:03.



I was actually quite pleased with my pace on this. I was concerned I started out fast, and then slowed considerably as I got tired. I did slow down, but not as much as I’d feared, which is pleasing.

You can really see the miles where I am following my pacing partner (3-5):


I’d been a bit worried that I might have held everyone up by being out so long, but Mathew and his dad were still working away on re-roofing the shed:


Now, for a lovely afternoon relaxing in the garden.


Have a lovely day, and wherever you are I hope there is sun to warm you on your run, then dry your running kit afterwards 🙂

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