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I traveled to Amsterdam alone, as I was the only person going to the hen party from London. I am not a big fan of travelling (in fairness, is anyone?) and find all the waiting around really tedious. Added to this, I ended up sitting next to a complete moron on the plane, who was joking loudly (is it still “joking” when nothing is funny?) with his friend who was sitting in the row behind. They clearly wanted an audience and believed volume was the best way to achieve this.

Fortunately, I’d brought this month’s issue of Runners World to keep me company. Hands-on-hips, she knows she’s a hero.



Before we had even taken off, the woman sitting next to me (also travelling alone) had asked whether I ran, and whether I would recommend the magazine. (Yes, I would as it goes).

We easily got chatting about running. It turns out she was pretty new to it. She’d signed up for her first 10km in July, and was thinking about then doing a half marathon. She could already run 10km so just wanted to get faster before eventually increasing her distance. She was a bit concerned that she was too slow, which in my opinion isn’t an issue. Most races are for everyone, and no matter what your speed, you will find people who are running at your pace.

We discussed all sorts, from race logistics, to how to increase your distance, running shoes to strength training. It was great to meet someone who was just starting out on something I experienced three years ago; doing your first race, enjoying it, getting better, running longer distances.

Time flew (geddit?) and before I knew it, we’d landed and Mr. Loud and Mr. Stupid were off to annoy the poor people of Amsterdam. I opt to imagine they fell into a canal/got herpes from a prostitute/got run over by bicycles/smoked too much weed and wet themselves. I hope their weekend sucked.

Anyway, my new friend gave me her business card, and I will drop her an email as I would love to know how she gets on in her 10km next month, and to perhaps run a race together in the future.

The end.

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