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Good morning! Well, Friday is FINALLY over and the weekend is here. In fairness, Friday did pretty well in the end.




File 11-09-2015 23 09 21


This cat.


Oh dear, no steak for yooooou!


We did some final tasks, as we have several house guests whilst we’re away – mostly to take care of said feline. We also had one final – and terribly important – load of laundry to do. The exercise clothes!


Still, we had some relaxing time, watching Community. Oh Netflix; I will miss you.


This morning, I got up bright and early to squeeze in a run – only my second run of the week! Seriously, this week has been manic. I did a bit over four miles with no sunglasses, no music, no water. Everything is packed! I even wore my old running shoes.


It turned out to be faster than usual. Perhaps excitement, perhaps as I had no backpack, phone holder, water bottle etc.


Or perhaps it was because I tried really hard. I mean, it did really hurt.


COFFEE! I am a bit nervous about the availability of coffee like I am used to in Japan. I have heard it’s sweetened. I guess that’s part of travelling to a far away country; it’s different. Anyway, one for the road.



I’ve bought myself a special outfit for travelling.


I think Matthew will be ashamed to be seen with me, but tough shit Pal – assigned seating. He’ll be sorry when he’s trying to sleep in jeans. Actually, he will sleep soundly for the entire flight, and then again when we get to the hotel. Jet lag is no match for his powers of sleep.

Here he is on the 20 minute coach journey from our hotel to the wedding last weekend….fast asleep.


We borrowed a mega case from Matthew’s parents, which is fantastic.I was fine to buy one; I was less fine about storing one indefinitely after we get back. This one will return to theirs at Christmas. Perfect.


And now it’s go time! I’ll post my pitiful weekly update on Monday, and check in properly with you again on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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