Shopping shopping shopping (and lunch and wine)

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It’s a lovely sunny day. Spring is in the air and it’s warmer than it’s been all year. What better day to spend….shopping.

I started out with a quick run around the common, enjoying the sunshine.


We then headed into town, to do some shopping. I *may* have amassed a collection of vouchers over a series of birthdays and Christmases (and, ahem, a wedding) which I haven’t gotten round to spending.


I do not like shopping.

It was such a lovely day, we decided to walk to Balham which is about 1.5 miles away.




A little light tube reading:


We headed to Chinatown to get some lunch before shopping. The carrot, if you will.



We went to our favourite dim sum restaurant.


You are greeted by a Chinese lady with a full on walkie-talkie-and-ear-piece and she barks a floor at you. This is not service with a smile, but it is well worth some aggressive service.


Next up Froyo. Snog now does salted caramel yoghurt!! I had mine with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs….being Easter, and all.


All possible sources of procrastination exhausted, it was shopping time. I had considerable success in buying some new clothes, and then came the most exciting bit…..exercise clothing!


I have long-sleeved running tops sorted, and I have a jacket I wear over my short sleeved t-shirts. My short-sleeved t-shirts are all ones I’ve got from races, and whilst they’re perfect for cycling, they’re not great for running. They’re too heavy, and at 5’10”, they all expose some amount of midriff that is not appreciated by me or others.

So my mission was to find longer running tops. I’ll write more about this soon – but I was successful in this mission!

A reward for being such a good girl (and spending money on myself….I know, it makes no sense).

I love this scarf! My friends from uni got it for my birthday. Bicycles + grey + pink = winner.


That evening, my brother came round for dinner. He lives about 4 miles away, but he’s moving down to Brighton soon. We’re making the most of him being able to cycle over to ours as it will be a trickier ride when he needs to navigate 45 miles on the M23.

Lest my new clothes actually fit me the following day, we ordered a very large curry and watched some crap on TV.

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