A slow start to the week (and a free breakfast!)

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Well, this week has started very….very slowly. Yesterday and Monday, I cycled to work. Today, I was meant to run, but alas – insomnia struck. I woke up at 2.30am, having been asleep fewer than four hours, and then couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind races, and I just cannot switch off again. This almost always happens after four hours of sleep. It makes me wonder if I should actually sleep 8pm to midnight, and then 2am to 6am, as my body really does wake up after four hours. I have met a few people who only sleep for four hours a night and swear that’s all people need. I feel pretty good when I wake up at 2.30am, but I think I would flag pretty rapidly if I decided that was getting up time.

Still, imagine how much more time that would give me? (But is it worth shaving years of my life? Perhaps not).

Anyway, excuses excuses; I couldn’t face running to work. I have a hot date tonight, so cycling wasn’t on the cards and I caught the train in.

So in fact, this week feels like it’s grinding to a halt. I am not in my happy place. It’s amazing how just a few days without running make me feel  like I’ve “lost it”, and I am veering off track. I HAVEN’T RUN SINCE SUNDAY – I am no longer a runner *dramatic hand-to-brow action*.

Deep breaths crazy lady.

On the plus side, I used my health insurance points to get a free breakfast this morning…


In the constant pursuit of a bargain, this made me disproportionately happy.

Ideally I will run to work tomorrow, since I missed out today. Matthew gets up for the gym at 5.45am (grounds for divorce?) and for my insomnia *tends* not to strike twice in a row. I know; famous last words.

I have to run 25 miles for Pile On The Miles this week, and I am so far on a big fat zero. If I run in tomorrow and Friday mornings, this leaves me with 10 to do at the weekend, which is very manageable. I just wish I had front-loaded this week! Any miles I don’t do this week, I will just have to do next week which could prove very painful indeed. I have 53 to accomplish by the end of November, so every little helps.

At the very least, I need to run once to earn another free coffee. Skinny gingerbread latte…..so good….

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