Some bad news and a very hot run

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Well, despite my hopes that yesterday would be “great” – it wasn’t. I got some bad news. Not of the life or death kind, but of the running kind.

I will let this link do the talking. FML.

Needless to say, I am preparing a rant of a post on this, which will be NSFW (Urban Dictionary). Stay tuned.

We’re in Bristol this weekend, visiting Matthew’s family. His parents live a few hundred meters from running gold – a cycle/walking path which runs along a disused railway between Bath and Bristol.

The whole thing is paved, and it’s almost entirely uninterrupted by traffic. They’re kind of in the middle so there are 7 miles in either direction to run in a single direction (i.e. 28 miles in total if you ran the whole thing in both directions). Pretty cool.


After six years of running this track, and more specifically running the same parts nearest his parents’ house, I have become a bit bored of it – so at the moment, I tend to start on the track for a mile, head onto the roads to circle back on myself, and then rejoin the track on the other side of his parents’ house to run a final mile back home.


It’s one of those runs where, since I start and finish in the same place,  the elevation is obviously the same whichever way I run it (despite some debate over this at breakfast – needless to say, I was on the side of sanity and physics), but one way feels much less aggressively uphill. I ran that way.

Mostly so I run down – not up – this beast.


Ugh – it’s doesn’t even look steep in this photo, but it bloody is. Fortunately, where the camera fails, the Garmin steps in:


Oh my God, IT WAS SO HOT. I didn’t take any water and I was struggling towards the end. Matthew’s parents had gone out to the supermarket, and when I got home their car still wasn’t there. I launched myself through the door, assuming only Matthew was home, and shouted “I NEED WATER”. At which point, his mother obediently brought me some, and explained Matthew and his dad had gone out to get some felt for the shed roof. Fail.

5.82 miles (no, I could not do the final 0.18) @ 8:08.


It’s meant to cool off tomorrow, which will be preferable for this sweaty Betty:


Happy Friday!!

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