Some Favourite Things

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Here are some of my favourite things – not including people or cats.


1. Avocados. I am in love with my new breakfast – avocado on toast or Ryvita. Bloody yum! Matthew hates avocado. Isn’t that strange?



2. Foodie Penpals. I just sent off my August package and am awaiting one from Lithuania! My Turkish penpal sent me coffee last time. What’s not to love?



3. Running sunglasses. My old ones (brand unknown) broke, so I replaced them with some by Timberland. I lost those ones a week later, so bought another pair – this time by Puma. The thing I love about running sunglasses is that they are always comfortable and effective. I just buy mine from TKMaxx for about £15 (given how I get through them, I couldn’t justify spending more).

2015-08-06 19.54.22


4. Courgetti. I just use a julienne peeler, and mix it in with regular pasta to bulk up a meal without adding carbs or calories.



5. Brooks Ghost 7 running shoes. After all the faff with the Nike Pegasus change from 30 to 31, I am pleased to report injury-free running in the Brooks shoes (which I am trying for the first time!) for three months. Hurrah! Hopefully this shoe will be around for the foreseeable, as unlike running sunglasses, finding something that works isn’t that easy and once I find it – I stick to it.

Brooks Shoes Cropped


6. My running backpack. It just works. Here it is modeled by some man I ran behind a while back. It’s very popular, and this doesn’t surprise me.

2015-08-06 19.54.50


7. Sushi. Especially when it arrives in a boat.



8. Garmin Connect. This website really is the best place to plot running routes, showing you the elevation and easily letting you map your route along paths as well as roads. Of course it also gives you all your post-run data if you have a Garmin watch, but even without a watch, this is a really useful website.



9. Coffee in all guises. Including, but not limited to iced coffee and coffee cocktails. Yes please!


2015-07-29 09.24.41



10. Zoku Quick Pop Maker. It makes six lollies in about 10 minutes, and you can use anything you like. This one was chocolate milk – naughtier than necessary, but still only about 100ml of the stuff. You can just used pureed fruit or milk. Whatever you fancy!



11. My bike. When I got it, I was deeply uninspired. I bought it because it was discounted and it would do the trick, but I always felt it was ugly and boring. Over the past seven years, I have changed little things about it, and it is now one of my favourite things simply because I am SO comfortable with it. It really does feel like an extension of me when I ride it.



12. Friday. That’s tomorrow people, happy days.

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