Some holiday running (and sorry for the silence!)

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Well, having dropped for the face of the earth for MONTHS I am now back. Well, kind of. Probably less frequently than before, but that’s possibly a good thing.

Work became absolutely crazy last autumn, and I ended up working long hours and even the odd weekend day. That’s fine, but it left little time for prattling on about my life here. In fact, even if I’d had time to write it down, it would have made for rather dreary reading.

Fortunately, I did still find time to run. And eat. And drink. In fact, I think I have put more miles into my legs in the past few months than ever before….and yet I am fatter than I have been in a few years. The perils of Christmas and then two…TWO…long weekends away in January.

Our first weekend away was to Budapest, Hungary. Food, drink, card games, traditional baths, mercifully-brief snow, and some of the best running I have ever experienced in a city. Central Park might come close, but on Margit-sziget, an Island in the Danube river, there is a dedicated running track which runs over 5km totally uninterrupted.


It’s even made from the same springy material as a track, which is presumably kind on the knees. There are even signs asking pedestrians and cyclists to use the other paths provided. Running round an island, you’re always near water. I wish I’d taken more photos, but I was enjoying myself too much. AND we’d stayed up until 2am the previous night drinking wine and playing cards, so it was touch and go whether I’d even make it out the door the next morning.

Bravo Budapest.



The weekend after that, we went to The Cotsworlds, in South West England, for another long weekend, We stayed in a lovely old house – East Banqueting House – which has been restored by The Landmark Trust.



Despite being right in the heart of Chipping Campden (i.e. walking distance to pubs – vital), it felt incredibly rural. The house itself is in the middle of a field:



How does one get sufficient wine and cheese into said house? Don’t worry, they’ve thought of that….



Here, I decided to run a route that was decidedly more suitable for walkers. Of course, it’s the countryside, so there was no bloody phone reception and I hadn’t thought to print off a map. So I started out on roads, of course without pavements (*shakes fist at countryside*) in the hope that I would find the path I wanted.




Fortunately, I did!



Two seconds in, I was regretting my strange reluctance to buy some trail shoes. I really need some, and only ever realise how much when I am far, far away from somewhere that I can buy them. (Note: I still have not bought any trail shoes).



You can’t really see all the puddles, but they were there. In fact, running this reminded me of this Sonic The Hedgehog game, where you have to whiz from side to side to get the rings and avoid the bombs. There were no rings; only bombs.


It was pretty uphill on the way out, but I was rewarded with some lovely views.




Maybe I was wrong to hate on the countryside. I just need to get the right sodding footwear!



Very slow, not very far, but it felt knackering. Running off-road seems to use otherwise-dormant muscles in my hips, legs and ankles.



I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Hannah x

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