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Good morning!

I have a new love in my life. So so good.



I have read a lot about Spotify Running,  but have always been put off by the concern that it might decimate my data allowance. I am still haunted by the month when my Google account decided to sync all the photos and videos on my phone without precedent or warning. I tell a lie; I got a warning I had used 80% of my data and then a warning I had used 100% of my data, both whilst I was cycling into work. This was two days into the month. Thanks for that Google.

Having spent two weeks of this data month in Japan not using my data allowance and with 1.8GB left to use before my data allowance renews in four days, I decided to risk it. I am such a daredevil. 

The concept is pretty simple; Spotify Running picks out music that matches your running tempo. “Driving me on”. 


If you have a better phone than I do (or potentially a better grasp of how to use my phone) Spotify will use the accelorometer (upon writing this word I learn is has a whole extra syllable than I’ve ever said it with. Fantastic) in your phone to determine your tempo. 

Not having the facility available to me, I set the tempo myself and stopped a few times trying to get it right. I just couldn’t quite seem to do it. Maybe I am inconsistent. Maybe I am being too picky. I had envisaged my foot striking the floor perfectly in time to a banging garage hit that would make me feel like I was flying. Instead, I ended up doing a strange awkward shuffle not-quite-in-time to several Christian pop songs. 

In fairness to Spotify, I selected the playlist. It was called “Upbeat Running” which didn’t scream JESUS I LOVE YOU to me, but once I opted for the “Recommended For You” playlist, any sense of Christianity (or indeed morality of any type) was dropped. Much better. 

It looks like Spotify used 72MB of data that day, which seems like a lot to me. My data streaming setting is on “automatic” which no doubt has a definition somewhere out there, but isn’t especially helpful. However, even with this set to “normal” which from what I have read should equate to 0.7MB/minute I would end up using half my monthly allowance on this were I to listen to it for 30 miles a week.

I appreciate however that this is a low data allowance, and most people have more. I am also not sure the tempo-matching worked for me. Having read many professional and personal reviews, I seem to be alone here – so it could be user error. 

I’ll stick to listening about elections in Myanmar in The Economist, with a sprinkling of Carly Rae Jepson. 


Run Every Day – Day 5

Having cycled home in the rain, I didn’t especially fancy going out for this run – but I did it. It was actually quite peaceful as I had no music, no water, no distractions. I ran the 1.12 mile route that I think will be my staple for this challenge. 

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