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Morning! How was your weekend? Mine was great! I have bored you all to death about my Saturday – both running and the fun that came afterwardsSunday was full of fun too, starting with a quick run around our local common.

We woke up at 6.30am thanks to the clock change. I have decided I would really like it if the clocks could go back every Sunday. Well, ideally every day, but I’d settle just for Sundays. We got so much done! From vacuum packing the spare bedding, throwing away packaging from a dehumidifier we bought months ago, doing laundry, running, and even relaxing a bit. It was perfect. 

I ran just shy of 4.5 miles, as this caught my eye on the way home…..



Yes please!!!



It was chilly out – at 6ºC (in the low forties) so I dug out my long sleeved running top. This is actually the thicker of my two, and it was fine. Winter is coming! I also borrowed Matthew’s winter gloves as one of mine was in the wash (laundry fail). He told me not to bother washing them, but changed his mind when he saw the state of them when they got home. (How do they get so damp? Best not ask). 



We had lunch plans with our friends Mr. & Mrs Creative, at her flat near Columbia Road Flower Market. This is just off Shoreditch High Street, one of the trendiest areas of London. Is trendy rude? It’s not meant to be. I could say artistic, vibrant, diverse, and cool, and all would be true. It’s a great area, and it might as well be a different city from the one I live in!

Her flat was amazing; oh to have true style and vision – but sadly for me, it’s not something you can fake. So despite my burning desire to now paint one of our sitting room walls bright red, I will hold off.

They served us amazing food…..

(This is one of perhaps….eight or nine dishes? I just wasn’t sure at what point papping lunch would become unacceptable). 


….washed down with fun Prosecco-based drinks involving rose water, blueberry liquor and pomegranate seeds (not all at once). 



We also had a quick wander around the market, which wasn’t somewhere I knew previously.


(I think that is a shadow on Matthew’s back, rather than his trademark sweat backpack). 

I can confirm; it sells a LOT of flowers. The road is also lined with lovely shops selling interesting things. Check out this shop, which has been painted every colour under the sun over time, and then sanded back to reveal them all.



It was a lovely sunny afternoon, and a beautiful place to wander round.



I was massively out of my depth, so I bought a new hat in the hope the cool people wouldn’t ask me to leave. I LOVE MY NEW HAT! The back is really cute, so I’ll post a photo of that soon. I was just trying to sneak a selfie without anyone seeing me. L-O-S-E-R. 


After a lovely day, we headed home to watch House of Cards and relax a bit. 

Down in front!!


We’re on the second series, and by God – it’s really good isn’t it? I can see why people like it. The Underwoods are pure evil! I’m just sad because I am pretty sure it’s all going to go wrong for them soon. I prefer it when they’re crushing their enemies. Still, there is plenty ahead of us – I trust there will be plenty of crushing still to come.

I hope your Monday isn’t too painful!


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