The Logistics that Ruin My Plans

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Well, last week was a pitiful running week. I basically just didn’t run, or do much alternative exercise. I have a couple of recurring issues which keep me from the running I’d like to do.


#1 Lack of Cycle Parking

In my office in London, I don’t have secure bike parking. Whereas in my suburban office, the bike parking is secure and I’ll happily leave my bike there overnight, I am really not keen on leaving it on the street. In fact, I just won’t do it.  My ideal would be:

Day 1: Bike in > run home

Day 2: Run in > bike home

Clearly this isn’t possible with my current set up. I have requested a secure bike parking slot in London (they’re all taken so I am on a waiting list) which would resolve this one. For now, I may try:

Day 1: run in > run home

Day 2: cycle in > cycle home

This will make for a heavy day of running (15 to 17.5 miles, depending on the route). That said, I have heard that training twice in a day can be a great way to up the miles. however, issue #2 might prevent this….


#2 Lugging things between offices

I typically do two days in the Suburban office and three days in the London office. Moving between offices means lugging my laptop (and loads more!) which absolutely cannot be done when running.

To run into work, I really need an outfit to be waiting for me there. On cycling days, I have lists of things I need to take in to facilitate the non-cycling days. I lug pannier bags and basket loads of things from A to B – and then something comes up ruining my plans anyway.

In a week with no social plans, the trick for me would be to do my ideal scenario on the two days I’m in the suburban office (day 1: cycle > run, day 2: run > cycle), and then the busy running day (run > run) in the middle day of my three in London.

However, I almost always have some plans to screw this up. Or I end up doing alternate days in each office, always having to move my laptop. I try to plan in advance, but it all-too-often falls apart.


#3 Eternally-busy weekends

I can normally manage to get in a 4-5 mile run at least one weekend day no matter how busy we are. But trying to fit in a 10+ mile run can be really difficult, especially if we’re staying with people or on holiday. The main way to get around this would be to do longer runs on Sunday evenings. The problem here is that the Sundays often involve some degree of fun – and as such, wine.

I am not sure this is going to change, so I think trying to get the majority of my running in at weekends is the way forwards. Hopefully I can achieve more this coming week!

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