The long – but beautiful – run home

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Yesterday, the sun was shining, and as I’d only done one short run at the weekend there was no escaping it. THE SCENIC RUN HOME!

First a pre-run snack of no-added-sugar peanut butter and a banana.



I use the CamelBak 1.5ltr HydroPak when I run longer distances. Sometimes I just make do with my 300ml handheld bottle, but normally then have to stop for more water which is annoying.




I first tried this route home last autumn, and the evenings quickly became too dark since it’s mostly off-road. Hopefully I can do it several times this summer.

I start out along the Thames….



Then I cross Richmond Park…



Then we enter the labyrinth that is Wimbledon Common. Now I love Wimbledon Common. Unlike the other commons and parks of London, which are mostly flat grassland, large parts of Wimbledon are dense woodland.

The only downside is I always get ridiculously lost. Here’s what happened the first time I ran this route. The black line is what I intended to do – and follows what should be a clear path. Somehow, I took a very hard left early on and…well, you can see the red line for yourselves. FAIL.


I had no data reception and figured I would just keep running until I hit a road. With this diversion, the route was 12 miles.

This time I was prepared….


(These are directions, not a reminder of how to run).

They kind of worked, but still didn’t go the most direct route.




By the time I got home, I was cold and hungry. I think I should have eaten a bit more pre-run, and I should have worn thicker gloves. My hands always get so cold, I could (and probably will) wear gloves all summer.



And here was my reward! (That’s a knee in case you’re wondering).






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