The Queen of Hydration

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After Sunday’s wedding, yesterday was all about staying very still, avoiding direct sunlight, and eating every two hours without fail.

Knope Hangover

So no running. In fact, as little movement as possible. The sound of the keyboard hurt my head. Hydration was a matter of life and death.

Now, I normally have a battered water bottle on my person. Sometimes several.

For some reason, I prefer drinking water from a bottle that I can sip away at rather than a glass that you either drink immediately, or it feels old or dirty. So as I was scratching around for things I wanted for my birthday (why is it so hard?) I decided to ask for a proper water bottle!



This is a 1litre bottle and I now get through about two of them a day. I use CamelBak’s Hydropack for my longer runs and have been really happy with it, and these have the same mouthpiece design. They’re absolutely spill proof meaning they play nicely with other items in my handbag, and can be knocked over without taking out my laptop.

So far it’s working out brilliantly. I don’t force myself to drink water, and there isn’t a daily quota I work through. I just sip away and drink as much as I like. Having the water there in front of me makes all the difference for me, and I definitely feel better for it.


Do you drink enough water?

Have you ever destroyed a laptop/phone with a drink?

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