The View from the Road

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I have been cycling a lot more recently, as I no longer try to run to work three times a week. Here’s an update on all things bicycle:


The weather. It has been pretty wet recently, and in fact a lovely combination of warm and wet. This means you can decide whether to skip wearing a jacket, and get wet from the outside, or wear a jacket and get wet from the inside. Either way is delightful. I’ve used my lights or sunglasses for every journey lately – talk about changeable!

Today is is windy – 19mph behind me on the way in was GLORIOUS. It will be harder work on the way home. At least the driving rain should give way to blazing sunshine.

Weather 150826


My helmet. My brother FINALLY returned my lightweight helmet to me, after he borrowed it about two months ago. No more sweating it out under this bad boy. My fringe is very grateful indeed.




Traffic. The school holidays are always great for the roads, and my ride in has been indescribably easier these past five weeks. It makes me sad that they will be shit again from next week, but hey ho. In reality this can just mean having to wait an extra two minutes here and there where a turning vehicle blocks the cycle lane. It does get frustrating though.


The chat. This morning this moron on a bike kept over-taking a load of us at traffic lights (and at one point as a “stop” sign held by a construction worker, which he obviously felt didn’t apply to him). He was of course painfully slow and totally oblivious as we all had to cycle past him time and again. A woman next to me commented “ah, we’ll all follow your lead the whole way then shall we?” – but he didn’t hear as he was listening to music. Knob.


The logistics. Now that I have a space in the (indoor and very secure) work car park life is so much easier. I no longer drag three locks to work, nor do I sport a greasy imprint of my bike chain on my hand all day. Also, with all this rain, it’s nice to know my bike isn’t just rusting in the road like it was before (below). In reality, the cycle parking at the office is absolutely underused – perhaps 10% of spaces are occupied each day, and this is in summer! Such a waste. I’m very grateful that our facilities manager pushed the building managers to let me have access.



The bike. Matthew pumped up my tyres yesterday morning. The difference this makes! Now I promise I will wash my bike next week.



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