Tokyo and Home – days 13 and 14

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On our final morning in Tokyo – Saturday – we decided to take it easy. Hotel check out was at midday, and we’d then have 36 hours before we got back to our flat in London – no need to make that even longer!

Even though it wasn’t raining, I decided to run on the treadmill as it is quicker than battling my way up to the Imperial Palace. This time, I watched the news. Both BBC and CNN had dedicated entire channels to 24 hour coverage of the Pope’s visit to New York.



Once we’d packed and checked out, we headed to Asakusa, the area we’d gone to after the Sumo Wrestling on our first full day in Japan. As we’d expected, it was a lot livelier during the day!


Most people were here to see this bad boy…


We decided to go back to the sushi restaurant we’d been to last time. It wasn’t super fancy, but did great fish and was as good as we remembered. My last sushi in Japan…*sob*


Cheeky beer with lunch..


After lunch, and a wander around Asakusa, we decided to head for the Sky Tree. It wasn’t hard to spot…



We didn’t go up it, as we’ve seen some great views of Tokyo from the comfort of various bars. Instead, we did some shopping for mementos for ourselves and presents for a few others. I spotted this on our way in. Done. Deal.


Even though the Japanese notoriously don’t like or invite tips, these people sang for them. Amazing!

We then decided to head to Kappabashi, Tokyo’s catering district, to NOT buy lots of things for our tiny kitchen.


Shop after shop was selling catering equipment…


….including the plastic food restaurants display in their windows!!


We had thought we might buy some, but at a closer look…


…it was a bit steep. Ouch!

Still, it was great to see.


After this, it was time to collect the bastard suitcases from the hotel, and head to the airport. The luggage had multiplied whilst we were away. My handbag went into a case, and the squishy bag became my hand-baggage to transport our various purchases.


Our flight left at 22.00 Tokyo Time, and landed at 13.30 London time – i.e. 23.5 hours later. There was a 4 hour stop-off at Dubai, and Emirates kindly gave us a meal vouchers, which we disgustingly spent in Burger King. In fairness, we looked like this – so it was in keeping.





(Will Matthew spot this? Will I get into trouble?)

We got home at 4pm London time, and even though this was midnight in Japan – and we’d only had a few crappy hours’ sleep on the Saturday night – staying awake was the name of the game. It really hurt. Our pizza was delivered at 7pm and by this time I was counting down the seconds until I could go to sleep.


Mmmm, white pizza – delicious!

8.15pm and I was DONE. Of course I was worried we would wake up at 2am unable to sleep, but it turns out the powers of a 24-hour journey are strong, and we didn’t properly wake up until 6.30am. Incredible! No doubt this week will continue to be hard, with us both exhausted from mid-afternoon, but we’ll just have to battle through.

And so concludes Japan! I’ll obvious keep blogging about my running/mundane little life, but the interesting bits end here.

Unless of course you’re interested on whether I go to Pret or EAT for lunch today. If so….STAY TUNED!



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