Tokyo – day 1

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Konichiwa from Tokyo!!!

We survived the 18-hour journey! I hardly slept, but it turns out that’s pretty good for jet lag. Japan’s 11pm is 3pm in the UK but we had no trouble sleeping.

Monday morning – day one – started with a run. We’re staying near the Imperial Palace, in no small part because I read it had a decent running route. I can confirm it does. About half a mile round we found the sign telling us to run anticlockwise. Good to know. This meant us going further than we meant to, which is GOOD. (Even if Matthew needed some convincing of this).

Imperial Palace run

imperial palace 2

In honesty, none of the running this holiday will be ground breaking. If I can just get out most days, see the sights and get some exercise, and not weigh thirty stone when I get home, I’ll be happy.

Next up….SUMO WRESTLING! I shit you not. We got lucky and one of three two week tournaments in 2015 was on in Tokyo. We bought tickets a while back, and good job too. Totally sold out.

We saw some good fights…

….Some HUGE men….


….drank some good Japanese beer….


…..and snacked on various Japanese treats.

I love watching sports live in other countries, it’s a great way to get stuck in with local tradition. Matthew almost died of happiness when a local Yankees fan high five him at a game in New York. (This guy had ironically gone to the game with two Cincinatti Reds fans, so was scraping the barrel). Sumo was brilliant. I suppose a plus that it is so easy to understand the basics of Sumo.

Plus, did I mention there was beer?


There was English commentary on a mini radio with headphones that was virtually free to hire. Comment of the day: “we’re all thinking of those people affected by the flood and landslides, the people in shelters. Hopefully they can still get to a TV to watch this Sumo”.

Er….it was good, but if my house had just gone underwater? Yeah, not a priority.

After Sumo, we walked to Asakusa, which felt VERY Japanese.

Shrine – check.


Sushi – check



We then headed to a bar for some wine and Shochu (can you guess which I had?) and I now need to get up in six hours if we’re to make it to the fish market.


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