Tokyo – Day 2

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Good morning! Life is going well here in Tokyo, and we went to the fish market yesterday. Never too much fish. But first things first; running.

I did the loop around Imperial Palace again. The comprehension struggle here is real. I’ve found a route I understand and I’m sticking to it. I’ll save my confusion for everything else. Without getting lost (yesterday), the path is 3.98 miles. An annoyng number, but I’m over rounding up distances. If you don’t believe I can do the final 0.02 miles, we’re not friends.

The alarm went off at 7.45am and it was already warm. Fortunately not too sunny though and I kept my shit together. The running route is fairly uphill for the first 1.5 miles and then has a lovely straight then downhill section.


The alarm went off to 7.45am so I could do this early enough for us to get to Tsukiji Fish Market. We didn’t go into the wholesale market as I’d read a lot about the huge issues tourists are causing with contamination and disrupting business. I’m sure I’m accidentally offending EVERYONE. I’m not being that knob too.

Fortunately there was plenty to occupy us in the outside market which is squarely aimed at the public.

Sushi for breakfast. Yeah!


Green tea ice cream for breakfast. Yeah yeah!

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We wandered round and Matthew had a couple of skewers. Just for good measure. (Ignore the fact I had cream. Totally different).


To avoid the very-likely outcome that we’d fall asleep, next stop was coffee. ICED COFFEE! Fears of not finding Americanos were mislaid. Everywhere; a non-issue.


Next up, a trip on the subway to Harajuku which was craaaaazy. The girls dress up in this sugar goth princess clothing and there are loads of shops filled with classic Japanese stuff. It’s fun and frivolous. Japanese youth in all its spiked-dip-dyed-haired glory.


Socks with shoes (like brogues, pumps and court shoes) is all the rage here, so I stocked up! Stand by for photos of me looking Japanese cool later this week…


The Meija shrine was there. I took some photos on the way up, but none inside. I have equal measures of respect and incredulity about religion, and both result in zero participation. And I can definitely see it’s not a tourist attraction, not matter how many tourists pass by.


Quick Japanese craft beer house. 1,000 yen for a 300ml beer? A very quick visit.


We then walked down to Shibuya to see the infamous crossing. This is my oldest concept of Tokyo and strangely it almost totally left my mind as I’ve read more and more about what we’ll see on this trip. But I HAD to see this. Yeah, my view of Japan was almost entirely based on Lost In Translation until earlier this year. I’m better now.

But it was cool…..



We wandered around looking for some food, and stumbled upon an okinomiyaka place. AMAZING. We’ve had okonomiyaki many times in London, but here… cooked it yourself. Well, you didn’t have to – but almost everyone did. We weren’t offered assistance, and Matthew was in his element. Especially when three Japanese women on the next table had the waitress cook theirs for them. SMUG.


I had noodles, which he also cooked on our grill.


Seriously, anyone who knows him; he will tell you about this. He was so pleased he did it well.

Anyway, we ended our day with one final glass of wine….well “final”….there isn’t’much wine about here, so prior to that was mostly beer. Enjoyed on the 27th floor – the lobby! – of our hotel. Watching the Shinkansen roll in and out….most pleasant.


Tomorrow….horseback archery!! (No joke).



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