Two days, two countries, two breakfast briefings

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Hello world, I’m baaaack! Event Hell has finally come to a close. It’s been a rough 10 days though. 

This week, I was managing a breakfast briefing in Luxembourg on Tuesday, and then one in London on Wednesday. I knew when these were both booked in about two months ago that this would be hard work. I’m fine with hard work, but the wheels really do fall off in my personal life when I’m super busy at work.



Given that I didn’t know when I would next get a chance to run, I decided to take the “sure thing” option of running on Monday morning. I had my travel bag with me, so I couldn’t run to work – but I caught the early train in with Matthew (beating the rush hour crowds), dropped off my bag at the office, and went for a quick run down by the river.

I ran from our office by St. Paul’s Cathedral, to Big Ben, and back. Four miles @ 8.31 pace.

StP to Westminster Run

Fast forward 48 hours, and I finished the London event feeling utterly exhausted. I sleep badly when I know I have to get up early, I eat too much when I’m stressed, busy, or tired, and I hadn’t had a second to do any exercise (which somehow just makes my diet deteriorate further in a classic “all or nothing” reaction). I don’t drink anywhere near enough water, which then leaves me feeling groggy and awful.

It’s like when the electric fences are deactivated in Jurassic Park and all hell breaks lose. My electric fences have seen a widespread failure, resulting in chaos.

I got home from work at about 6pm last night and went straight to bed. I honestly felt like I was coming down with something. I set the alarm for 6am, the time I’d need to get up at to run to work, but I wasn’t feeling hopeful. It’s more than just the tiredness; we’d done no laundry all week; we’d run out of milk; there were little piles of belongings heaped round the house, I eaten like an actual pig for two solid days, and I just felt too mentally and physically enfeebled to do anything about it.



This morning, I woke feeling properly rested for the first time in a while. A great start.



I knew that whether or not I ran that morning would be the deal-breaker, determining whether life was back to normal, or whether we were still in a state of emergency. It’s always telling when the idea of ramming myself onto a train is less appealing than running 7.7 miles. It kind of implies it’s not all that bad, doesn’t it?

So I went for it: 7.7 miles @ 8.12 pace.


I think between the full night’s sleep – without a 5am alarm! – and the run to work this morning, I have hit the “reset” button. I’m really keen to get back to normal life: running, strength work, healthy eating, sleeping, drinking plenty of water, and so on.

Back. On. Track.


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