Vive La France!

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It’s holiday time – hurrah!



My parents have a house in Brittany, northern France, and we’re spending a long weekend out there with them.

Now we all know the essentials needed for travelling….


…but in the land of cheese, wine and croissants, running things are promoted to “essential” too. We’re only taking hand baggage on the plane, so needed to be sensible about how much we took.


I should get in some good running this weekend, so before work yesterday morning I just did a four mile run and some plank work.


We landed at 6pm yesterday evening, or in time for “happy hour” in my family. The airport is in a lovely town called Dinard, so we didn’t mess around and headed straight out for drinks and dinner.

I’ll post some photos of my jaunts (of both the “running” and “cheese and wine” variety) tomorrow.


What % of your holiday luggage is taken up by running things?

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