Weekend Running

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Last weekend, I was in Sussex for my sister’s 30th birthday barbecue which was GREAT fun.



I’d managed to run 15.5 miles during the week, which is pretty good for me. I’ve figured that about 20 miles per week is a reasonable minimum number to aim for, so I wasn’t under much pressure to run far. Even though my hip had stopped hurting, I didn’t want to push it at all so I just wanted to stretch my legs, and perhaps undo the harm of half a burger from my epic calorie intake.

So brilliantly for me, my sister fancied running with me on Saturday, and Matthew was up for it on Sunday. Company – hurrah! We just ran a 3.3 mile route at roughly 9 minute mile pace. This really suited me down to the ground – especially on Sunday, the day after the party. I was just pleased that I made it out at all to be quite honest, but there is nothing like a good sweat to perk you up if you’ve drunk a couple of bottles of something that disagreed with you the night before.

I’ve been meaning to run in the woods near my sister’s house, and perhaps I’ll do this next time I see her. This time, I just ran through the nature reserve,and then on roads. It’s not the most exciting run, but it’s short and pretty continuous with minimal road crossing. There is one hill, but it’s not overly long or steep.

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