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It’s been quite a high mileage week for me:

Tuesday > 7.7 miles @ 8:00 pace. A run to work ahead of an early birthday dinner with friends that night. I should have run about three times as far with Matthew on my back to even make a dent into what we consumed that night, but hey. It was my birthday.

Wednesday > 6 miles @ 8.14 pace. This is a run near ours, which is entirely uphill on for the first two miles, the glides downhill for the final four. This is good for my mental health; I just have to plough through the difficult bit, and know an easy bit awaits me.


Thursday > 7.7 miles @ 8.15 pace. A run home from work, into the wind and rain, which wasn’t great. It means my bike is at work, so I can run in on Tuesday (PLANNING!), plus I am keen to pile on the miles this week, given how much fun we have lined up.

Friday > 4.4 miles @ 7.57 pace. This was just a run around our local common, and I am very happy it beat the 8:00 pace threshold. I’d like this to become the new normal. That’s not to say I won’t run longer and slower too; I just would like to see my 8.15 become 7.59. Until recently, normal was 8.30, so we’re heading in the right direction.

Saturday > 6 miles @ 7.59 pace. A longer run, still on that target pace. It was actually the same run as Wednesday’s, which was slower. I think the power of filling oneself with Indian food (including rice and naan bread) the night before a run should not be underestimated.

Sunday > 4.3 miles @ 8.07 pace. I wanted to do a longer run, but I’m wary of upping my mileage too much – even if spread over a number of standard-length runs. In honesty, this week has been about weight control running, rather than varied improvement running. I wanted to run six times, rather that reduce it to five and make one twice as long.

Total mileage: 36 miles!


In other news:

My brother bought me this coffee cup for my birthday:


My work uses Mars coffee machines that take sachets like these:


My life isn’t environmentally perfect, but these are criminal. There are 200+ people in my office, and I would guess we get through 500+ of these sachets a day. I don’t believe they’re recyclable in any way, and worst of all, THE COFFEE TASTES LIKE CRAP.

My lovely new coffee cup will let me brew ground coffee and drink it from the same cup, removing some of the fuss of the cafetiere. It comes with a lid without the filter, so I could drink instant coffee, or coffee brewed elsewhere (or something else….like tea) from it too.

Now I just need to buy myself some interesting ground coffees!

We’ve just started watching Daredevil series two and so far, I’m not feeling it. We loved series one, but there is just so much chit chat in this series. Lots of discussions of ideology between Daredevil and his villain, and it’s like “I get it – you have similar but different ideas!”. In fairness, I always found the goodies in Daredevil a bit tediously earnest. Yawn. We’re only on episode three, so hopefully it will pick up.


The weather here has been exceptionally changeable. 10 minutes before I went running yesterday it looked like this:



I then ran wearing my sunglasses for the duration, without so much as a drop of rain. Seriously – 10 minutes later. Insane.




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