What. A. Week.

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Well. Thank God that one’s over.

I knew it was going to be a busy week, as I was running a breakfast briefing – and it’s always incredible how much work they involve. I have done so many repetitive tasks that just take bloody forever. From alphabetizing name badges, printing and binding promotional materials, putting together delegate packs, tying blue ribbon on little bags of chocolates (that one took four hours on Monday night)….my back hurts and I feel exhausted. Next week I have not one, but two breakfast briefings to run – one of which involves me going to Luxembourg, so I will be making the most of the quiet weekend I have ahead.

Coffee weekend

Here’s the plan:


  1. Coffee. Lots of coffee. Right now, I am enjoying one in bed. Later, I may take one on the sofa, or out and about. Maybe hot, maybe cold. Procured from coffee shops, hand crafted (well I press a button) with the Nespresso machine or even using the cafetiere (I still have some Lithuanian coffee to try!). Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
  2. Sleep. Perhaps in conflict with #1, but I’m pretty dedicated to both agenda items.
  3. Cinema. We went to see Eye in the Sky last night. It was pouring with rain, so what better evening to huddle indoors with a good film? Oh yeah, and it’s free with our Vitality health insurance. For the win. It was a great film, but very different than I’d thought it would be. Matthew tells me I confuse “thriller” with “action thriller”. I was definitely the former, but I was gripped.
  4. Partying. Okay, my godson’s third birthday party. Yeah…this one definitely deviates from relaxing but hey, if anything is going to get me off the sofa this weekend, he’s right up there. We’ve got him a sodding enormous present, which I expect his parents will thank me for. (Parents love it when you buy their kids stupidly large toys…..right?).
  5. Horror. 28 Days Later, to be precise. Perhaps this too won’t be entirely relaxing. Matthew and I are going to a Secret Cinema performance of 28 Days Later at the end of the month. Secret Cinema is an immersive cinema experience where you are fully involved in some plot line before the film, and there is some live element to the film itself. I expect this one to be frankly terrifying. We’ve been advised to wear shoes we can run in. Cripes. Anyway Matthew hasn’t seen the film before, so that’s on the agenda along with a takeaway and a lovely glass of wine.
  6. Pubs. We’re meeting with a group of friends for some quality pub time on Sunday. I won’t be able to properly settle (sink) into the fun, as I’m off to Luxembourg on Monday and have another epic week ahead. Still – some nice food and some nice relaxing time…. friends (I guess I should mention them). Maybe a jigsaw puzzle or a game of scrabble. Typical Sunday funday.
  7. Running! But of course. Having only run twice this week (Thursday and Friday, so it very much felt like a rest week), I need to get some miles through my legs. The weather looks set to be pretty nice (well, anything could be an improvement on yesterday) so it should be good.

Basically, the key thing is not to think about next week. We’ll cross that miserable little bridge on Monday morning.

I hope your weekend is off to a good start!


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