What To Listen To When Running??

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Yesterday morning I ran into work, as I had management work drinks in the evening. Before I ran, I had a bagel thin with some honey. We get this honey from Dinard Market near my parents’ holiday home in France. It’s almost worth the trip just to get some. (Fortunately, we can tie our honey procurement in with a rather nice holiday each time).


Now, I have a major issue as to what I listen to when I run. MAJOR. Here are my options:




I only just started listening to this, and have listened to four of the 14 episodes in the first series. It’s great! I am really torn between trying to save episodes to make it last as long as possible, and listening to more to ensure I don’t lose momentum or forget parts of the story. It’s getting really good, and I really hope we’ll hear some answers soon. Honestly, this is edge of your seat stuff people.


I think there is probably a world of compelling audio books for me to get into after this. Very dangerous!

The Economist

I have guilt when I don’t listen to The Economist. This is absolutely what I should be listening to. There is SO MUCH to get through each week, and I feel like I have no time to physically read it. I pay extra for the audio version so I can listen to it when I run, and it’s amazing how much I can get through this way.

Honestly, it makes me cleverer.



Of course music is always good for running. Good music makes me faster, and makes the whole run easier. Recently though music has stopped distracting me like it once did and feels like an absolute waste of potentially three hours a week when I could be listening to The Economist.

On top of this, I *accidentally* bought a Reacher book at the airport on my way to Bordeaux which, although unrelated to running, is distracting me at home, taking time away from The Economist. Yeah, i really shouldn’t buy those… They’re so compelling and easy to read, and this one is back to the classic Reacher; small town America, a mystery to be solved, working with an impossibly hot female detective. Definitely one for Reacher.

Seriously, it makes me stupider.




So for yesterday’s run, I tried to do the right thing. I listening to three Economist articles before my phone kept stopping the app. This used to happen a while back and it’s SO irritating. It means me taking off my running backpack, taking off my gloves (it was chilly yesterday morning!), digging out my phone, opening the app, and pressing “play”, because for no logical reason my phone has decided to pause the article. NO REASON. Thanks phone. It probably only takes two minutes or so, but the second time it happened I’d have enough.

So I switched to Serial. BOOM!


2015-07-29 10.39.39

Total time: 1:02:47


Mile 1 – 8.38

Mile 2 – 8.06

Mile 3 – 8.10

Mile 4 – 8.02

Mile 5 – 8.12

Mile 6 – 8.14

Mile 7 – 8.19

(Plus a slow 0.5 mile cool down/through commuter crowds).


One thing is for certain though…all runs end the same way….

2015-07-29 09.24.41



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