When I’m not running…..

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I have been running quite a lot recently, and of course this blog is primarily focused on my running, with a side of cycling (and a shit load of coffee). 


However, that’s really just a fraction of my life. Like, the smallest fraction. 

I just figured a blog focused exclusively on wine might be less interesting (and would definitely reflect badly on me).

So let’s talk about the other stuff.



I am the Marketing Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa for a FinTech firm. I work in central London, which is a really convenient location for me….not least because I can cycle and run to work. I’m near St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is by the Thames which is great for running.


My work can be quite demanding, but I think I have a pretty healthy work-life balance.



I live in South West London with my husband Matthew and our cat Funny Face.

Matthew falls asleep ALL THE FRIGGING TIME, so I think I have been true to him with these photos…



When Funny Face came to live with us, she was terrified of everything (photo on the right). Your classic timid cat. She is now totally in charge, and very little troubles her. Whether it’s knocking jigsaw puzzle pieces onto the floor, “helping” to wrap presents, walking over laptop keyboards, draping herself all over everyone who comes round or hogging the bed; she wants to be involved. (Just don’t ring the doorbell, call our house phone or set off the smoke alarm…these things she does not love). 

It’s great that we’ve been able to help her like that.


Matthew and I spend our time eating, drinking, going on holiday, watching crap on Netflix and doing all the above with all our friends. Matthew does Jiu Jitsu and is a gym bunny; I run and cycle. Otherwise we would both be the size of houses.

On which note….


Weight loss

When we got together in 2009, Matthew and I had a damned good go at becoming the size of houses.


We went on WeightWatchers in 2012 and lost over 30lbs each. We’re a bit bigger than that now (the below photo is current), but still a lot closer to our lightest weight than our heaviest. It was tough when we were “dating” as it mostly involved eating out, or cooking each other tasty meals (i.e. including two out of the three sides of the taste triangle: salt, sugar, fat). It’s an effort to stay on track, as we both love eating but would rather be healthy.

Matthew’s posing like an idiot, but you get the idea.

Photo 23-05-2015 11 00 46

Although WeightWatchers did really well for us both when it came to losing the bulk, I am unsure of how sustainable any diet is. I have been looking into Intuitive Eating a lot lately, and will write some more about this soon.


I am not sure it has all the answers, but dieting definitely leads to binge eating with me, and I really want to work on my relationship with food. Gosh, that was a bit spiritual, wasn’t it?

Fuck that shit.



I love coffee. Love love love it.

Photo 06-06-2015 11 59 54 (1)

One day, I will have a super fancy coffee machine, but for now I make do with a Nespresso machine which gets the job done.



Foodie Penpals

This is such a great idea. Each month, I am matched with two people; one I send to, and one I receive from. I put together a food package which costs around £10, picking local delicacies and things I think my penpal will enjoy. I send this off to my receiving penpal who could be anywhere in Europe (postage isn’t included in the £10) and then sit back and wait to receive my package from my sending penpal. It’s a great idea and you can sign up here. I love receiving my package each month. The absolute best was when I was sent a G&T in a can. Genius.


I’ve received lots of fun packages though:



I have been lucky enough to receive coffee from two of my Foodie Penpals – one from Lithuania and one from Turkey. The Lithuanian coffee is made in a regular cafetiere, and it’s delicious!


The Turkish requires a special Turkish coffee pot which I now have.


I didn’t get round to making it yet though, as it sounds quite complicated. Don’t let the coffee boil; make sure you preserve the “foam” (say whaaaat?). This definitely feels like a task for Matthew. It’s in the diary for this coming weekend. 


Some favourite things

TV – Frasier, Parks and Recreation, Community, Justified



Wine – red, ideally from Ribera del Duero in Spain. LOVE.

2015-08-14 22.15.30


Food – cheese. Anything involving cheese please. Ideally served with red wine. 


I also love Indian, Thai and Japanese food. Oh, and the sweet stuff – cream cakes, chocolate. ICE CREAM!


Man, I am hungry now. Texas forever Forever greedy.






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