Why Do Runners Shirk Strength Training?

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To be quite clear – the title of this post is not a judgement; I am the worst culprit of all. I can find time to do a two hour run, no problems. In fact, I can find time to do several two hour runs a week, no problems. But 30 minutes of strength work? Oh noooo, sorry, I am FAR too busy. Ditto for interval training.

This is a common theme with runners – why do we all struggle to do something which would only make us fitter, faster and better?

For me, I think in part it is because I prioritise running so am reluctant to sacrifice any running time to do strength work, or reduce long runs to shorter interval or tempo runs. Also, I often tie running into my commute – running to or from work – meaning it doesn’t actually cost me much additional time if I run.

Anyway. Motivation May is here, and recently I saw Runner’s Need’s 10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners so this month I commit to doing these exercises three times a week. I also commit to doing one interval training session per week. I’ll check back in with how it’s going later this month!


What will you do for Motivation May?



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