Will run for fondue

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Happy Friday, one and all. As you read this, I am either running, or panic packing, or on a flight to Edinburgh – or indeed sipping wine in Edinburgh itself. It’s a hard life.

(Actually, Scotland is expecting the UK’s first ever “named” storm today – Storm Abigail. Bravo with the pun there. So that will arrive just in time for my Friday 13th landing in Edinburgh. Good job I am not superstitious). 


My brother is on holiday in Australia, and given the 10-hour time difference, I receive my “what James has been up to” photo deluge over night. Beaches, swimming pools, and blue skies galore. I have so far resisted sending him back a photo of my desk. 

Yesterday morning didn’t disappoint, as he sent me an up-close photo of Prince Charles. Well, it wouldn’t be a holiday without bumping into royalty, would it?



After a few minutes of dreaming I was on a beach in Australia, I accepted my fate, ate some toast, had a coffee, and got ready to run to work. 

The mist on the common was beautiful. I took this photo right after a cyclist who had also stopped to snap this. It was impressive and my photo doesn’t do it justice at all (and yet I still posted it). 



It’s still so mild here, it’s crazy. It’s in the very low 60Fs (about 16C), and we’ve not even put our heating on yet. I presume this is a sign of the impending death of our planet, but it makes for great running weather. 



The usual distance, in the usual time.


My average heart rate was 154bpm, which is 81% of my maximum effort, and gets me a training effect of 3.9 (“improving”, boarding on “highly improving”) which is good. It’s interesting that my pace was 10 seconds per mile faster than my run home on Tuesday, and yet my average heart rate was 6bpm slower, and my training effect was 0.4 lower. I guess running into the wind really does have an impact. 


Early morning running is never my favourite thing, but it turns out I am rather partial to a glass of wine and a bite to eat of an evening. Who would have thought?

Mr & Mrs Dangerous always have an ear to the ground, and booked a table for four at The Lodge, which is a pop-up Alpine-themed restaurant in Clapham. Fondu – fuck yeah! This is really popular and just the fact that it’s “pop-up” makes me feel like one of the cool kids. 

It is run by Jimmy’s Popup, who is “London’s Pop-Up King” according to the Sunday Times. A quick peak at the sample menu only upped the excitement levels. Seriously, look at the drinks:

The Lodge

Steaming. Espresso. Martini. Need I say more? Well I’m gonna—> thermos flasks of mulled wine! It might be insanely warm outside (for London in November), but in my mind it’s snowing and we’re fresh in off the ski slopes. 


The food was pretty great too.




For pudding we had the “ice cream factory” which means ice cream in a bowl and five toppings: jelly babies, mini marshmallows, chocolate brownies, choc-chip cookies and crushed meringue. 


It was great fun, and I will keep an ear out for this next year. 

As ever when hanging out with Mr & Mrs Dangerous, my Uber receipt tells me we got home at 12.46am (actually fairly tame for us). Will we ever learn? I hope not 🙂




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