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I often listen to music when I am running, as I find it takes the edge off the boredom of longer-distance running and can really spur me on. I subscribe to a number of long Spotify Playlists, and the same music crops up again and again. I thought I would share some of the music that I love, which for some crazy reason doesn’t seem so popular.

First off, lower your expectations. Lower….lower….a little lower still. There we go. Now you’re ready.



These songs, and others, are available in the Will Run For Coffee Spotify playlist.


 St. Elmo’s Fire – John Parr

As Mr. Parr rightly points out, “you know you can’t quit until it’s won”. Spot on sir.


Tidal Wave – Sub Focus Ft. Aplines

One of very few songs I introduced to my husband that he actually likes and continues to listen to. (As you’ll see below, most just incur epic amounts of scorn).


One more – Elliphant Ft. MØ

Someone cooler than me introduced me to this one and it was love at first listen.


Phil Collins – Only You Know And I Know

My husband’s case for divorce starts here. But seriously, how can the middle section of this song not make you want to sing along??



Euphoria – Loreen

This song is another great dance song, and live up to its name!

Live For The Night – Krewella

This is the song which would expedite the divorce proceedings…


Turn this club around – R.I.O Ft. U-Jean

This one would see my husband receiving full custody of the cat….


King Of The Kerb – Echobelly

Ginger Spice is seducing Prince Charles, a naked image of Gail Porter is projected on Big Ben, and Oasis and Blur are having concerts a mile apart on the same night. Ah, the 90s….


You’re welcome!


What’s your favourite running song?

Does your playlist contain any horrors?


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