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Bonjour! As you *may* have gathered, I was in Bordeaux last weekend. I know I kept it quiet, ‘cos you know….it wouldn’t do to brag.

Given the fun we’ve been having, running was not optional. Fortunately, like all good cities, Bordeaux has a lovely riverside path which worked well, especially since our hotel was right by the river.

On Friday morning, I dragged poor sleepy Matthew for a four mile run…


Crossing the bridges gave us a great view of Bordeaux….




There were some really pretty paths to run along – with lots of backpackers sleeping outside their tents. They didn’t even stir as we thundered past. (I didn’t take photos….that seemed somehow rude, and perhaps illegal).



The opposite side of the river to our hotel was less pretty…



Somehow we got lost and did five miles. I think Matthew was pretty pleased with this, and our pace was 8:50 which was faster than our previous run together.


On Saturday I opted for the gym. I ran four miles (no getting lost this time) and did 7.5mph for the first, 8mph for the second two, 8.5 for half then back to 7.5 for the final half. I was pleased to learn that 8.5mp equates to 7:03 mile pace. Pretty fast for me! Then I stretched and planked a bit.

I found treadmill running way easier for setting my pace (naturally) and need to look into how I can incorporate treadmill workouts into my usual routine for speed work and intervals.

Bordeaux is an amazing city. I’ll write much more about that later in the week 🙂

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