Won’t run for Lemsip

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Apologies for the radio silence. There’s not much that will shut me up, but this sore throat will do it. Yes; I am ill 🙁

It’s only a cold, but it’s given me a hearty cough, tight chest and very sore throat, all of which which makes it hard to exercise. I have only run 3 miles this weekend, and that was very slowly and mostly to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. 

Poor, poor me. 

I hate not exercising, but we know the rules:

“In your head, go ahead, in your chest, have a rest”. 

Sadly this means I have failed the Run Every Day challenge – but running when you’re ill or injured is just plain stupid. I’m still cycling, as it has a way lower impact on my poor painful lungs. (Also, I cannot face the train. I’d almost rather walk). 

It seems the whole world is ill at the moment. I guess these things are just passed round; I work in a team of six, and two of us are coughing and spluttering, and the other two are sniffing and sneezing. I can only presume we’ll all exchange germs and have the opposite symptoms next week. 


In the absence of running, what other news do I have?

Well – in Bordeaux, we all completed a survey, with a chance to win a bottle of fancy wine. And Matthew won! The wine appears to be worth £330, which is about £322 more than we’d normally spend. I look forward to trying it. (Yes darling; marriage includes sharing bottles of expensive wine). 

It’s Back To The Future day on Wednesday – wooo! We have invited some people over, and I fear I may have The Power Of Love stuck in my head for the rest of all time. Always one to share the love…

It’s under three weeks until Halloween – one of my favourite things. The costume is ready, and I have found two small children to spend the day with (along with their parents and several other friends) to make it okay to be dressed up at my age.

My parents have sold our family house, so we’re all going back for one last get together there in November. There will be tears. Sad times. (But very good for my parents!)

I hope to be back on form later this week, and would like to do a decent-length run once I’m feeling better. Until then, just be glad you’re out of ear shot of me. Cough cough. 


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