Zombie Apocalypse (School Holidays)

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No, I not a student. No, I don’t have children. No, I am not a teacher. Yet still, school holidays have a positive effect on my life.




It’s incredible. My cycle into central London took 40 minutes instead of the usual 50 yesterday and Tuesday. Often I have to pick between sitting behind a bus at a bus stop, or moving into the main traffic lane which is at a standstill.

Bike Blog - cycling in London

This week has been easy though. Take the above image and remove all the cars and vans on the right. Voila! I can overtake the bus and make progress. Given the traffic the cars have to wait in most days, I can only assume some people were literally hours early for work this week.

Matthew assures me this post-apocalypse world has hit the trains too.


Not like that sadly. Matthew would love that.

But he did get a seat on the way to work earlier this week, which is about as unlikely as a zombie attack.

My office has been very quiet all week. I got to the car park at 8.30am this morning, and there were still car spaces left. Usually gone 7.30am you’re out of luck. (There is loads of bike parking though, which is great).

I love it – don’t hurry back Londoners!

Has your journey to work been easier this week?

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